Kitchen Redesign Professionals

Sooner than later, you might join the majority of Grand Island homeowners that realize their kitchen just isn’t cutting it anymore – it’s time for a change. Reasons for remodeling vary from updating cabinets, countertops, backsplash, to floor plans, adding space, improving energy efficiency, increasing home value and simply improving the look of your home.

Where To Begin With Your Kitchen Remodel

  1. Develop your kitchen remodeling concept. When planning your kitchen remodel, it is critical that you consider how you use your kitchen. Ask yourself the following questions:
    • How much counter space do you need?
    • How much storage space do you need?
    • What type of seating are you planning: bar stools, dining room table, etc.

    Consider what you like about your kitchen and what you don’t like, then, collect pictures and ideas of what you want your kitchen to look like. Feel free to gather ideas from magazines and websites. Stop by our showroom and receive a free design consultation to get your project in the works.

  2. Figure out the budget you would like to stay within. Our design consultants will meet with you and keep your budget in mind as they make recommendations on achieving your dream kitchen.
  3. Do you want to attempt the remodel yourself? A DIY project can be quite fun for you if you’re a handy person. Elegant Tile & Marble Co. offers competitive pricing on our products to help you stay within your budget.
  4. Hiring an experienced remodeler is the best way to ensure your kitchen remodel is successful. Our local Grand Island, NE team is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards and integrity of all our work. We will accomplish your kitchen project in a time efficient manner. Contact us today to start your kitchen project.

Elegant Tile & Marble is committed to making every project beautiful and safe. In-house custom bullnose edging is one of many unique services we offer. Bullnose trim is used to provide a smooth, rounded edge for a clean look and adds safety also. We use bullnose tile to frame the edges of a design. It can be used in kitchen backsplashes, wall tiles, around windows, tile baseboard designs, countertops, bathtubs, drop-down living areas, tiled shower niches, or decorative trim. Most often, bullnose tile has one rounded edge but in certain cases, it may need two rounded edges for corner pieces. Our ability to customize the bullnose tile ourselves allows us to create the look you need.

Find ideas and inspiration for your kitchen remodel from our gallery then contact our experts for a look around the showroom.

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